Services & Rates

Let us be your personal secretary!

Your work is backed up and saved

No additional charge
No retyping fees for future updates
No loss of valuable documents

Our services include --

Typing - we type anything
Excel spreadsheet
Create address labels
Mass mailings
Maintain databases

Other services include --

Divorce papers - no children
Resume design
Fold, stuff and afix postage to envelopes


All work charged by the hour −
includes the follow:

Letters, correspondence
Legal documents
Company & employee manuals
Proposals, quotes, bids
Invoices, billing
Theses, Doctorates
Financial reports
Pie charts and graphs
Graphic presentations
Database maintenance

$33 / hour

Compare our hourly rate to other services' per-page rate --

   -- Us - 10 pages an hour equals $3.30 a page
   -- Others - $4.00 a page and higher.

Additional Services & Rates

Divorce papers - no children, no property
Resume typed 
Cover letter, reference page

Addresses entered 

Sheets of 30 labels of addresses

E-mail addresses entered

Fold, stuff, affix postage, seal envelopes

Binding – spiral (10 pages)


$40 per page

as low as .17

$1.50 each sheet

.10 or $33 per hour, whichever is less

$33 per 100 pieces



For MS Word projects:

   -- 10 dbl-spaced or 5 single-spaced pages per hour. 
   -- if received as a PDF file and can be converted to text, 12 dbl-spaced or 6 single-spaced pages per hour.

For Excel spreadsheets:

   -- 80 addresses an hour. 

Your work is backed up and saved

No additional charge
No retyping fees for future updates
No loss of valuable documents

All work is saved and backed up at no additional charge and will be available for any future updating. This invaluable service offered only by Flying Fingers Typing eliminates all re-entering fees and saves you time and money.

Call or e-mail to discuss your project, even if it is not listed.

Contact us – we can help!

All work is Confidential and Guaranteed